Which begs the question:

Are they fit to lead?

But seriously: between growing up online, the gig economy, dating apps, grad-zoom-ations, ChatGPT essay first drafts—and we’re just scratching the sUrFaCE—it often feels like young people exist in a world that nearly all our decision-makers have no experience of.

That’s why this summer, we’re going to bridge the gap.

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First, we’re going to work with teams of volunteers across the country to get curious & hold a bunch of one-on-one convos with their friends about their hopes, fears and all of the ways their day-to-day lives differ from other generations.

Then, teams will organize meetings with key decision-makers where you’ll use cutting edge power-building tactics to share our findings & stories. And, to demonstrate they heard us, we’ll get them to make a tangible commitment: Meet with us again in 3 months & discuss what they’ve done about it.

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Let’s make this summer a memorable one!

Jared & The New Majority Team