StatsCan just released new data to signal that for the first time in 65 years, in 2023 millennials were a bigger part of the population than baby boomers. Millennials now make up 23% of the population in Canada.

What do we make of the new stats?

Well, it confirms what we at New Majority have been working on – that by the next federal election (currently planned for October 2025), Gen Z and Millennials will be the MAJORITY of eligible voters in Canada. This means we have democratic power truly like never before, and decision makers need to listen to youth. For the first time in a generation, we hold electoral power.

This isn’t marketing, it’s StatsCan-backed data.

It means when you take a step towards civic engagement (voting / attending a council meeting / meeting with your elected representatives), ESPECIALLY if you haven’t previously engaged, or it’s the first time you’re eligible to participate, you are joining the New Majority who decides what happens next in this country. You have a straight line of action connecting you to the issues you care the most deeply about – AND you get to revel in knowing decision makers will listen like never before, because the demographics of the group who is electing or re-electing them has fundamentally shifted.

Now we just have to show up.